To complete the exercises demonstrated here go to the SOAP Server and SOAP Agent Step-by-Step tutorials tip for PDF instructions and WSDL files.

Part 1 – SOAP Server

1.Introduction and objectives1:29Minutes1.2MB
2.Create a new project1:19Minutes1.4MB
3.Define custom SOAP Server types3:06Minutes2.6MB
4.Create a new SOAP Server solution1:59Minutes1.8MB
5.Create a new SOAP operation3:02Minutes2.6MB
6.Map operation parameters to program variables3:16Minutes2.7MB
7.Build the SOAP Server solution2:14Minutes2.0MB
8.Deploy the SOAP Server solution6:56Minutes7.3MB
9.Create a program to implement the SOAP Server business logic3:35Minutes3.0MB
10.Test the complete solution1:04Minutes1.3MB
11.Conclusion and further information0:40Minutes0.5MB

Part 2 – SOAP Agent

1.Introduction and objectives1:29Minutes1.3MB
2.Create a new project1:06Minutes1.2MB
3.Create a new SOAP Agent solution2:44Minutes2.3MB
4.Select SOAP operation and map operation parameters to program variables4:12Minutes3.4MB
5.Build the SOAP Agent solution2:01Minutes1.8MB
6.Deploy the SOAP Agent solution5:15Minutes5.3MB
7.Create a program that uses the SOAP Agent solution3:08Minutes2.8MB
8.Test the complete solution1:06Minutes1.3MB
9.Conclusion and further information1:19Minutes1.2MB