Identifying Built-in-Functions (BIFs)

Product/Release:LANSA - All Platforms
Abstract:Identifying Built-in-Functions (BIFs)
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

The use of UD and OV prefixes and identification number ranges when building BIFS.

It is important that developers are aware of the importance of correctly identifying any BIF. Otherwise there is the risk that BIFs may be overwritten when loading LANSA upgrades or LANSA developed software packages.

Built-in-Functions are identified by a NAME and a UNIQUE NUMBER. There are special prefixes for the names of BIFs that are not shipped with LANSA.

There are therefore three classes of BIFs:

Those shipped with LANSA. The names have no prefix and use the numbers in the range 0 through 400.

User Defined
Those defined by a specific organization for use SOLELY within the organization. The names MUST have a prefix of "UD_" and use the numbers in the range 401 through 600.

Other Vendor
Those defined by software vendors (other than LANSA) for sale to LANSA development sites or used in LANSA developed packages. The names MUST have a prefix of "OV_" and use the numbers in the range 601 through 999.

Developers of Other Vendor BIF's are allocated numbers within the Other Vendor range from a register maintained centrally by LANSA support. If an Other Vendor BIF is defined with an identifier number not assigned from the central register it will be unusable in many LANSA systems. Similarly, if a User Defined BIF is developed and used in software distributed to other LANSA sites (either development or execution) it may conflict with User Defined BIFs already present at that site.

For full details please refer to the LANSA Built-in-Functions Guide.