LANSA Open Application Examples

Date:8 December, 1997
Product/Release:LANSA Open
Abstract:Visual Basic and C application examples that are shipped with LANSA Open Release 3.0
Submitted By:N/A
Last Review:November 2010


The currently available sample programs provided on the latest LANSA DVDs are:

  • Visual Basic
  • C, C++


With Release 3.0 of LANSA Open we have shipped several application examples (Visual Basic and C-applications) which can be installed and reviewed. All these example applications make use of the demo files which can be found in the DEM partition on the AS/400. Anyone with this partition on their AS/400 can install and run these examples.

The screen displayed below is a window displayed by the Visual Basic example.

Visual Basic Example

To install the example applications, do the following:

  • Install LANSA Open from the CD Rom

All the example applications can make use of:

  • TCP/IP