Sample Delphi Applications

Product/Release:LANSA Open
Abstract:A simple sample Delphi application that uses LANSA/Server over the demonstration personnel system
Submitted By:N/A

Below you can download a sample Delphi application that uses LANSA/Server. This is a simple program over the demonstration personnel system.

Pslmst.exe (261K) - Executable of the application (311K) - Source code and EXE for the application

Once the folder has been copied to your PC hard drive:

  1. Start Delphi.
  2. From FILE, select OPEN PROJECT... select the directory (Progs or Pslmst).
  3. It is suggested that the programs are recompiled.
    Achieved by selecting the Compile action and then Build all. This will produce an executable which you will then be able to run.

You can also download a zip file which containing both 16 and 32 bit version of the sample application.