Library List in LANSA Client

Product/Release:LANSA Client
Abstract:Query files from your own LIBRARY LIST
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

If several data libraries are related to the file definitions of one LANSA partition, for example Test data, Production data or data of multiple divisions, then LANSA Client's LIBRARY LIST feature can be used to query exactly the files necessary, without having to define the files multiple times.

The Library List option can be found in the Host Configuration Details, by using the LANSA Client Administration utility.

Host Configuration Details

If the Library List option is selected, the LANSA Client session (when querying this host) will use the LIBRARY LIST as found in the JOB DESCRIPTION for the USER PROFILE. LANSA Client will then query the first data file of a given name in the Client session's Library List on the AS/400. These could be the file(s) in the Test, Production or divisional data libraries, depending on the order of the libraries in the Library List.

If the Library List option is not selected, the LANSA Client session (when querying this host) will query the file(s) in the library as specified in the file's definition within LANSA on the AS/400. In other words, it will always query the same file(s) as ‘hard coded' in the LANSA file definition.

Definition of Library List:

A list that indicates which libraries are to be searched and the order in which they are to be searched.