Data Warehousing, LANSA's Practical Solution - Part 1

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Abstract:Data Warehousing, LANSA's Practical Solution - Part 1
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Do I need a data warehouse?

"The data warehouse is the place where people can access their data", according to Ralph Kimball (the leading data warehouse consultant). An operational system focuses on the business operations of a company and how to make them more efficient. The focus of a data warehouse system is on the information requirements of the business user.

Do I need to spend a lot of money?

Costs of implementing a data warehouse vary wildly. Some vendors advise a $1,000 solution, while others suggest a $1,000,000 solution. Who is right?

On one side are the vendors of query, reporting and other business intelligence tools. They tend to overlook the fact that your corporate data might not be suitable for access by business users. Their PC based tools just show the glamour and glitter of presenting data.

On the other side are the vendors that specialize in data warehousing. They suggest that it is necessary to build a multi-dimensional database that resides on a separate OLAP dedicated computer. To collect, replicate and re-model production data necessitates highly skilled people, specialized software tools and additional equipment.

What sort of data warehouse do I need?

You may already have some form of a data warehouse. Many companies have already started building a data warehouse (corporate wide) or data mart (departmental solution) without realizing it. A data warehouse, in its most basic form, can be as simple as a summary file with a few queries or reports accessing the summary data. In its most complex form a data warehouse may consist of a multi-dimensional database residing on special computer which is "fed" by a network of multiple platforms and a variety of databases.

What tools do I need?

Your company's data warehousing requirements could be anywhere between these two extremes. However, many AS/400 sites are in the fortunate position that most of their data resides on an AS/400 with a few departmental database files on a PC LAN.

LANSA‘s integrated set of application development, middleware, query and reporting facilities are well suited for your AS/400 centric data warehousing needs. LANSA offers products for every step of building and accessing a data warehouse.

What skills do I need?

Data warehousing is basically an APPLICATION. Like all applications it has INPUT (the existing operational database), MANIPULATION of data and OUTPUT (the data warehouse, queries and reports). An experienced business analysts who is able to understand the information requirements of a business user is well equipped for this task.

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