Using variables in your report

Product/Release:LANSA Client
Abstract:Using variables in your report, for example in a running total
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

Running Total or Cumulative Total is a total that gets initialized at the start of a report and is updated with a line amount for each detail line.

Formula fields and variables give you total control of when and how a field gets initialized, updated and printed. Please make this clear to any "programmer type" user of LANSA Client. Non technical business users may want to stay away from variables, as it is a feature they will hardly ever need.

When using a variable, it is important to understand the Evaluation Time concept in the Report Writer: The Report Writer is a 2-pass report writer. Because it is a 2-pass report writer it is possible to, for instance, print a page total in a page heading (instead of footer) or print a sales amount as a percentage of a (sub) total. When a (sub)total in a formula is used, the report writer will automatically evaluate that formula at the appropriate time. It is only when variables are used that the evaluation time is indicated. See the LANSA Client Private Tutor for more details about ‘Evaluation Time'

View the Report Variables document (PDF 18KB), containing a detailed description of how to use variables in reports.