LANSA Client network installation instructions

Product/Release:LANSA Client
Abstract:Instruction on installing LANSA Client on the network
Remitted By:LANSA Technical Support

To set up LANSA Client (32 bit) on a network, the following must be done:

  1. Install LANSA Client to a server drive.
  2. From each client PC, map a drive to the server drive where LANSA Client is currently installed.
  3. Install LANSA Client on each client PC, pointing to the LANSA Client directory on the mapped server drive.

Instructions for installing Crystal Reports Network Activation from a zip file

  1. Unzip these files to a diskette (Do this to multiple copies of a diskette for backup purposes)
  2. Install files from diskette. The installation procedure will update one of the files, so subsequent installations from the same diskette will fail.

Instructions for installing Crystal Reports Network Activation from Diskette

  1. Place the network activation disk into your floppy drive.
  2. In Microsoft Explorer or File Manager, click on the "a" drive.
  3. Then, click on the SETUP.EXE program. This will do the installation.
  4. Once SETUP.EXE has been run, a Crystal Reports LANPAK Setup screen will appear.
  5. This screen will display a prompt to enter the location where Crystal Reports is currently installed. Either:
    Type out the directory path for the location of Crystal Reports,
    - OR -
    Click on the Set Location button. This allows the specification of the drive and in which directories that Crystal Reports is located. For example: C:\apps\crw
  6. Once the path to the location of Crystal Reports has been chosen, click on the Continue button.
  7. An Upgrade User License dialog box will appear. "Old user license allows: 1 users New user license allows: 5 users." Click on the Upgrade button to upgrade the license.
  8. the upgrade is complete. The final dialog box, which appears on the screen, will display the maximum number of users that the new user license allows. The setup is now complete.