Upgrade to Crystal Reports for LANSA

Product/Release:LANSA Client and Crystal Reports
Abstract:Upgrade to Crystal Reports for LANSA by installing over an existing version or uninstall before installing Crystal and upgrading LANSA Client.
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


Crystal Reports for LANSA is already installed before receiving LANSA Client. There are several ways to approach the upgrade of Crystal Reports for LANSA but it should always be done in conjunction with upgrading LANSA Client. Problems can arise if Crystal Reports is upgraded/installed in isolation from LANSA Client.


Uninstalling Crystal Reports then installing Crystal Reports in isolation from LANSA Client can result in errors in LANSA Client when attempting to save to .DBF, .XLS, etc. file format.

The uninstall of Crystal Reports removes some registry entries that LANSA Client requires to save data to .DBF, .XLS, etc. formats. At this point in time LANSA Client is no longer able to save to .DBF, .XLS, etc. Installing Crystal Reports does not generate the required registry entries because Crystal Reports uses jet technology 3.5 not 3.0 which LANSA Client requires.


When you receive the LANSA Client upgrade, aim to upgrade both LANSA Client and Crystal Reports at the same time. Use either of these methods:

  1. Perform the upgrade to Crystal Reports for LANSA directly over the top of the existing Crystal Reports for LANSA.
  2. Uninstall the existing version of Crystal Reports for LANSA. From this point do not attempt to use LANSA Client until you have upgraded Crystal Reports for LANSA followed by an upgrade of LANSA Client.

If, through an uncoordinated upgrade plan, you find that LANSA Client can no longer save query data to .DBF, etc. Re-install LANSA Client to cause the missing registry entries to be recreated. LANSA Client will now be able to save query data to all file types.