Grouping by week, month, quarter or other period

Product/Release:Crystal Reports for LANSA
Abstract:The grouping facility in Crystal Reports for LANSA makes it easy to group data by week, month, quarter or any other period.
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

When grouping on a text or number field in Crystal Reports for LANSA, the standard sort/group options will be offered: ascending, descending, customized and original order. When grouping on a date field, additional options will be offered to indicate whether to group by day, week, month, quarter or any other period.

This tip describes how to group on a period based on a date field in the input file:

  1. Design a report as usual, (see an example below). If the "date field" in the input is not a proper date field, but for example a number field or a text field, convert it to a proper date field :
    Date Field
  2. Insert a group section for the required report period/frequency, by selecting the Group Section command from the Insert menu. Select the date field to group on, for example sales date. Notice that you get date related options:
    Group Selection
  3. After a group section has been inserted, all standard format section facilities are available. In the report example below the details have been hidden and printed totals by month:
    Group Section