Suppressing duplicate printing of data in Crystal Reports for LANSA

Product/Release:Crystal Reports for LANSA
Abstract:The "Suppress If Duplicated" printing option allows the suppression of printing of repeated information
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

When the data in a report is sorted, it will often display duplicate information in the detail lines. For instance, after sorting sales data by country, the same country name will be listed in all detail lines belonging to that country.

Suppressing the duplicate printing of a specific column has the result that the value of that column will only be printed on the first line of the lines with repeating data.

Format String

To suppress the printing of duplicate data:

  1. Select the fields in which the printing of duplicate data is to be suppressed.
  2. Select the Format/Field menu option.
  3. Check the suppress duplicate data check-box.

Suppressing duplicate data will not create sections or groups in a report. To subtotal by group (for instance by country) or add headers, footers or page brakes by group, it is still necessary to use the grouping features of the report writer.