RichText32 OCX ActiveX control is needed when using the Visual LANSA Framework

Product/Release:Visual LANSA Framework
Abstract:RichText32 OCX ActiveX control is needed when using the Visual LANSA Framework
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

You need Microsoft RichTxt32.OCX ActiveX Control in order to use the Mock Up RAD-PAD filter handlers and the Mock Up RAD-PAD command handlers.

To check whether you have this control do a search for RichTx32.OCX across all of your system hard drives. If you can not find this file then install the control using the file provided as part of the Framework in the execute directory of your partition. It is only required on Development Systems and it does not need to be deployed to execution environments.

You can actually use the VL Frameworks without having the RichTx32.OCX ActiveX control installed. There is a checkbox "RichText32 OCX Is Available" on one of the framework property tabs to indicate whether it should be used or not. To get to this property click on Framework Menu -> Wizard and go to Framework Details Tab. Remove the tick for the check box so that the Mock Up RAD-PAD is not available.

Framework Details Tab

When the RichTx32.ocx control is installed and selected in the Framework Details, the RAD-PAD tabs are visible and enabled in the VL Frameworks Designer Mode.

For further information read the section Tutorials for Prototyping in the Visual LANSA Framework Guide.