How do I get statistical reports for a LANSA for the Web application?

Date:19 January 2004
Product/Release:LANSA for the Web
Abstract:How do I get statistical reports for a LANSA for the Web application?
Submitted By:LANSA Services
Last Review:November 2010


Is there is any way to get statistical Web reporting (i.e. number of hits, etc.) out of a LANSA for the Web application? Since the pages are not static software tool like Web Trends will not work.


LANSA has what is called Event Logging. It is an excellent source of information for which IP addresses have hit your machine, when and which LANSA page they were accessing. If you are familiar with LANSA's internal files, the main file used id DC@W26. You can have additional trace information in DC@W27, but typically this file is not used.

So I would suggest enabling summary level Event Logging. Then you can examine the data in DC@W26. LANSA at this time doesn't provide any analysis tools that work with this file, but you can use any tool (Excel, Crystal Reports, WRKQRY, etc.) to read and analyze this data.

Detailed information on how to enable Event Logging and how to delete information based on a date, can be found in the V10 LANSA for the Web Guide, chapters Event Logging, Enabling Event Logging and Logging User Defined Fields.