Gathering information about LANSA

Product/Release:LANSA V10 and V11
Abstract:Using the 'About LANSA' feature to generate product information
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

Version V11 introduced a facility called 'About LANSA'.

Refer to the section titled Gathering Information About LANSA in the online LANSA guides for detailed information about viewing, saving and sending the 'About LANSA' information. The About LANSA covers:

  • About LANSA for iSeries
  • About LANSA for the Web
  • About Visual LANSA

This information is valuable when reporting LANSA support issues and can be easily captured and sent to your local LANSA support group.

Note: There is also an facility available for Generating the About information for the IIS Plugin on Windows. Refer to
Generating the About information for the IIS Plugin on Windows for instructions.

About LANSA in V10

About LANSA is a new feature for V11. However, a version of the 'About LANSA' is also available to run in Visual LANSA V10 only. This will allow you to gather information about your Visual LANSA V10 environment, save this information and send it to LANSA support.

Steps to use the Version 10 'About LANSA'

  • Download to a temporary location
  • Unzip Aboutc.dll and place this DLL in your V10.0 C:\Program Files\LANSA\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\Execute directory
  • Run the 'About LANSA' facility using the Execute form on workstation icon in the LANSA folder, as follows:
    Execute Form on workstation screen
  • Once the About LANSA is open, you can take the option to Save details. This option saves all details to a file called LANSA_About.txt in the root folder i.e. C:\Program Files\LANSA\LANSA_About.txt. This can be sent to LANSA support.
  • Alternatively, if you have mail configured, you can take the option to Save and Send to LANSA Support. Fill in your contact details and press Submit to send the LANSA_About.txt to LANSA Support.

Note: Version 10 'About LANSA' it is available for Visual LANSA only.