Installing LANSA on a French iSeries via emulation

Date:28 July 2005
Product/Release:LANSA for iSeries
Abstract:Special characters in program library name during French LANSA for iSeries install
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

Taking the default library names for your new LANSA system during a LANSA iSeries install, will specify the program library name as DC@PGMLIB. On a French iSeries, the program library name will default to DCàPGMLIB (the '@' is replaced with an 'à'.

If you are doing the installation via Client Access or NewLook or other 5250 emulators, you will be unable to type correctly the special character 'à' in the name of the LANSA <Pgmlib>, as you are unable to type the character "à" in lowercase using these products

There are a few ways around this:

  • You can use a "dumb terminal" to perform the installation.
  • If your emulation software has the facility, you can create your own keyboard (*.KMP in Client Access) and assign the 'à' to a key
  • If your emulation software has the facility, you can use Hex Mode to enter the hex value
  • You can download freeware 5250 emulator that allow you to type the "à" in lowercase ( example : on the site you can download a full TCP-IP emulator for iSeries)

Note: This issue also affects other related products on iSeries, for example, LANSA Integrator.