Using the TAG feature to jump to the next or previous tagged comment line

Date:18 December 2008
Product/Release:Visual LANSA
Abstract:Tag and comment lines
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

Long time users of LANSA on System i might be familiar with the TAG feature that is available in RDML source which allows you to put a permanent tag on a comment line. When you close the RDML editor, the tag is saved with the source and is available again when you next open the source.

This permanent tag feature is also available in the Visual LANSA IDE and can be used in both functions and components. Adding a tag allows you to use keystrokes to jump to the next or previous tagged comment line.

ActionKey to use
Toggle a tag on a lineCtrl + F2
Remove all tagsAlt + F2
Jump to the previous tagged lineCtrl + Up Arrow
Jump to the next tagged lineCtrl + Down Arrow
Comment selected textCtrl + W
Uncomment selected textCtrl + Shift + W