Altova MapForce 2009 service pack 1 released

Date:7th April 2009
Product/Release:LANSA Composer V2.0
Abstract:Altova MapForce 2009 service pack 1 released
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

Altova has released Altova MapForce 2009 service pack 1 (2009SP1). It can be downloaded from :

MapForce 2009 contains new features that will be of interest and applicable to use with LANSA Composer. For more information visit:

MapForce 2009SP1 has been successfully tested with LANSA Composer version 2.0 (with supplied EPC and hotfixes) and presently no issues have been highlighted which may affect its use with LANSA Composer version 2.0.

Before upgrading Altova MapForce:

Altova MapForce generates Java that is compatible with Java version 1.5 and higher (not 1.4).

Therefore, in order to use MapForce 2009 with LANSA Composer version 2.0 you must do the following:

  • Ensure that the LANSA Integrator instance associated with the LANSA Composer server is running in a Java version 1.5 JVM.
  • Ensure you have set the Java version for Transformation maps system setting in LANSA Composer accordingly.

Also note:

It will NOT be necessary to re-prepare your existing transformation maps after upgrading to Altova MapForce 2009 (providing you have installed LANSA Integrator EPC840 and hotfix 002 for LANSA Composer version 2.0 as recommended by the Read Me).

You are strongly advised to upgrade Altova MapForce on all affected LANSA Composer clients. Otherwise some client installations may not be able to edit Transformation Maps that were saved on another.