Running LANSA Composer Request Server in different languages

Date:8 February 2011
Product/Release:LANSA Composer V3.0
Abstract:How to ensure that the request Server function displays the correct translation instead of defaulting to English
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support


When running LANSA Composer (LC) Request Server, users may want to set a specific (non-default) LANGUAGE to be used. By default, the language run on the Server will be the language used by the LC Client. The following points:

  1. describes how the Request Server works in terms of the Language the end-point application runs in and
  2. suggests steps to allow users to change the language to be used on the target Server.


  1. When LANSA Composer issues a request (CALL_FUNCTION or COMPOSER_RUN) to the request server, it  automatically passes the language code (e.g.: ENG) in which LANSA Composer is running.
  2. The request server will start LANSA (or LANSA Composer) in the specified target system using that language code.
  3. LANSA Composer is shipped with ENG, FRA and JPN translations and so would normally be started with one of those language codes.
  4. For an IBM i server, LANSA Composer could be started with another language (e.g.: DUT) and the application should appear and behave as for ENG (because no translations are shipped for DUT) except that the alternative language code will be passed to the request server. 
  5. While there should not be any adverse user-interface or functional effect on LANSA Composer caused by running it in a language for which no translation is provided, this has NOT been fully tested.
  6. Before attempting this, you must add a definition of the required language in the LANSA Composer system/partition on the IBM i server.
  7. For LANSA Composer processes initiated from the LANSA Composer client, you can change the language in which the LANSA Composer client starts using the dxstart.cfg configuration file (as documented).
  8. For LANSA Composer processes initiated on the server using the COMPOSER command, specify the required language code on the LANGUAGE parameter of the COMPOSER command.