Getting IBM i CPU information

Date: 12 July 2013
Product/Release: LANSA for IBM i - supported versions
Abstract: How to extract IBM i information to supply to your LANSA representative when requested
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

These instructions pertain to LANSA on IBM i. For CPU instructions for LANSA on Windows, refer here

Collect Information for IBM i

To obtain a LANSA license code for LANSA for i, you must supply CPU information for each IBM i box on which LANSA is installed or to be installed.

If you have LANSA already installed, the easiest method of obtaining the Processor, Serial and Model Number is to run the following command from the i5/OS command line:

<pgmlib>/LANSA About

The relevant information is located in the Machine Details section.

If you're not yet using LANSA, you can obtain this information using the WRKSYSVAL command from an i5/OS Command Entry. On the Work System Values screen, use option 5 to display the required values:

  • System serial number (QSRLNBR)
  • System model number (QMODEL)
  • Processor Feature (QPRCFEAT).

To display a single system value, you may also use the DSPSYSVAL command. For example, DSPSYSVAL QPRCFEAT will display the Processor Feature code.