A LANSA Open for .NET license error can be generated if all installation steps are not completed

Date: 21 March 2014
Product/Release: LANSA Open for .NET - All versions
Abstract: When setting up LANSA Open for .NET there is an import for each platform that must be completed to avoid execution issues.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

LANSA Open for .NET is available to allow developers to write .NET applications that connect to either an IBM i server or a Windows server. There is a version of LANSA Open for .NET available for download and evaluation from the LANSA web site for existing LANSA customers. Refer to LANSA Open for .NET for download details.

As part of the LANSA Open for .NET install procedure, you must import files onto the server. Failure to complete the imports can cause problems when using LANSA Open for .NET. One possible issue is that the following license error can be generated The server does not have a valid license.

To install on an IBM i Server:

  • Use LOPEN_Server_Systemi.zip. This contains a savefile called 'lopensav" which can be used to import into your LANSA system

To install on a Windows Server:

  • Use LOPEN_Server_Windows.zip. This contains a set of files to be imported by the LANSA LIMPORT facility

Depending on the platform either one of these zip files must be imported into the nominated partition as part of the installation procedure. Full details of the installation procedures are listed in the 'Installation Guide.pdf' downloadable from LANSA website.

Note: You must also have a valid license to run LANSA Open for .NET. A 30 day evaluation license can be requested on the LANSA Open for .NET download page by providing the CPU details for the server to be used.