How to check for Active Users in a LANSA system

Date:22 April 2016
Product/Release:LANSA for i (All versions)
Abstract:How to check for active users in a LANSA system before performing an upgrade or applying an EPC
Submitted By:LANSA Technical Support

To check for active users in your LANSA system, use the following procedure:

  1. Sign on to the IBM i using the Partition Security Officer profile, QSECOFR or as some other user that is part of the QSECOFR group.
  2. If the Command Entry screen is not already displayed, then invoke it by using this command:
  3. Make sure HTTP server for that LANSA for i system is not in use.
    To stop any HTTP server that LANSA is using
  4. Make sure that LANSA for i's listener and listener subsystem is not in use.
    To stop the LANSA listener that LANSA is using.
    ENDSBS SBS(<subsystem name(pgmlib)>) OPTION(*IMMED)
  5. By using the following commands you can check if the system to be upgraded is in use:
    Note: the following <pgmlib>, <dtalib> and <comlib> libraries can be obtained by executing command LANSA About at the IBM i command line.
  6. Make sure that no jobs/users are accessing LANSA using the following commands:
    WRKOBJLCK <pgmlib>/DC@A01 *DTAARA
    WRKOBJLCK <dtalib>/DC@F02 *FILE *FIRST
  7. If locks exist, ask the users to sign off or wait until the batch jobs have ended before continuing with the upgrade.
  8. If you use LANSA workstation products connected to your LANSA system, you may find that the listener job has a lock on the system. If a listener job is active, stop it by ending the subsystem it is running in.
  9. Repeat these WRKOBJLCK commands until there are no locks on the specified objects.