The 1-2-3 Way of Establishing LANSA Environments

If you are a new LANSA development site with no LANSA software or an existing LANSA for iSeries development site planning to install Visual LANSA development workstations, these pages will provide you with the simplest, fastest and most trouble-free way to get your LANSA development environment up and running.

LANSA consultants have been configuring LANSA development environments for over 15 years and the information presented in these pages is distilled from that accumulated experience to help you make the right choices and implement them correctly, first time, every time.

To follow the 1-2-3 Way, perform each of tasks 1, 2 and 3 below. Complete and verify each task before beginning the next.

Task 1: Establish the LANSA Master System

The LANSA Master system contains the MASTER repository. This is a database that is used to store the definitions of the LANSA objects that your developers create. It is called a MASTER repository because it is used to permanently consolidate the work of all your developers.

Learn how to Establish the LANSA Master System

Task 2: Choose a Task Tracking Scenario

LANSA's Task Tracking facilities are designed to:

  • Track the application changes that developers make
  • Prevent developers from accidentally interfering with each other's work.

Learn how to Choose a Task Tracking Scenario

Task 3: Choose a Development Scenario

While using LANSA, application developers perform all their LANSA development activities on PC workstations.

There are several possible ways to configure the development environment – the most suitable for you will depend on your particular development and operational requirements.

Learn how to Choose a Development Scenario