Scenario T : Fully Enabled

On medium to large projects involving multiple developers this is the recommended task tracking scenario that you should use.

Projects (or some other unit of work) are assigned a short task identifier (eg: PPPP). No one but the project manager/administrator is authorized to use the PPPP task. This task is called the parent or owner task.

Developers working on project PPPP are each exclusively assigned a child or sub task named PPPPXXX where XXX identifies the developer and PPPP identifies the parent or owner project.

As each developer works, their work is locked under their exclusive task PPPPXXX. This prevents objects they are working on from being altered by other developers working on the same or different projects.

When developers complete a unit of work within a project, the project manager/administrator transfers the completed objects from task PPPPXXX back to the parent project task PPPP.

The parent project PPPP retains the complete task tracking history of the project and continues to prevent the project object(s) from being accidentally altered by other developers (even those working on project PPPP).

Download installation instructions for Scenario T