Share Files and Folders between an IBM i Server and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

LongReach is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile application that provides file and folder creation, management and transfer between mobile devices and IBM i servers. The application can manage documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photographs, audio recordings, video, and text files. Files can be created on the mobile device or on the server and synchronized securely between the two.

  • Enables you to create, manipulate and store a complete range of files on your mobile device, especially mobile device specific files such as photographs, movies, geo-location and audio that cannot be accessed by traditional browser based mobile applications,
  • Securely uploads folders and files from your mobile device to an IBM i server's IFS, with optional notification of successful delivery to the server via a message queue, triggering processing of these folders and files by IBM i server based LOB applications,
  • Securely downloads folders and files, created by IBM i server based LOB applications, from the IFS of the IBM i server to your mobile device, and
  • Provides a refresh feature that updates the mobile device's view of folders and files on the IBM i server, without having to download any files or folders. After refreshing the view, users can choose which folders and files they wish to download to the mobile device.

LongReach allows companies to easily extend data collection tasks for line-of-business (LOB) applications into the mobile world at the location of the data. For example, an insurance assessor can take photos of an accident scene, make notes and send the photos and notes back to a LOB application. The LongReach notification feature can signal the availability of data to an automated business process. This feature provides a simple method for integrating mobile data collection into business processes.