With a small development team and using a single LANSA skill set we can develop and maintain our core IT system, Web portal and systems integration. The systems we have developed with LANSA are sophisticated, flexible and play a major role in getting new customers on board.

Mike Palma, Director of IT ViaTech Publishing Solutions

LANSA helps us to leverage the investment we have in our existing system and provides a productive and easy to use tool to build new solutions. With LANSA, we can handle iSeries (AS/400), Windows and Web development with a single set of skills.

Trevor Gall, IT Manager (Australia/NZ) for Geodis Wilson

There is so much variety of technology out there, that it sometimes isn't clear what it is we should be concentrating on. With LANSA we now have our own practical and extendable platform on which to further grow ITWAL's business. We are making real gains in delivering Web solutions.

Tom Mavroidis, President of NTM Consulting, on who ITWAL relies for its IT management

LANSA enabled us to very quickly modernize a quite substantial core application and make it much easier to maintain, evolve and expand in functionality. LANSA is just the perfect type of tool for what we needed to do.

Lou Trebino, Senior Vice President and CIO at Harry Fox Agency

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LANSA Data Sync Direct - Product Information Management and GDSN Solution

Get your product data right – at the right place and the right time

Rapid implementation of LANSA product information management solutions speed time to market and ensures omni-channel publishing of your product data.
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iFusion.net is a software platform that combines IBM and Microsoft technologies to form a unified architecture. The design is a fusion of your tailor-made legacy systems with Microsoft solutions like Office, SharePoint, SQL Server or .NET applications.

The fused environment allows new applications to be delivered faster, and at a lower cost, by using existing skills and resources.
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LANSA Commerce Edition provides an easy, rapid and configurable solution to help you extend your core ERP applications natively on System i or Windows without duplication or replication of business rules, pricing or data. LANSA Commerce Edition is a component-based solution that allows you to choose the specific functionality you want to deploy within your B2B or B2C Web site.
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