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Duskin's inventory management improved with mobile app

Musashino Corporation, based in Koganei city, Tokyo, is well-known in Japan for its ‘Duskin Cleaning Service’ which provides rental and sales of floor mops, door mats, air & water purifiers and other cleaning goods. Duskin’s sales staff visit about 150 clients each day to collect used commodities and replace them with new products. Overtime was often required to compare the number of expected and actual distributed items and update the ERP system. Now sales staff uses a mobile solution that allows them to download the required client lists from Musashino’s IBM i-based ERP system in the morning and during the day they can work offline and update the lists. Upon returning to the office in the evening, the client lists are synchronized to Musashino’s IBM i, automatically updating the ERP’s inventory and invoice information.

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Mondelēz UK

LANSA DQ Inspector played a key role in the GS1 certification of Mondelēz UK

Mondelēz UK, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of foods and drinks, with a portfolio that includes several iconic brands, such as Cadbury, Kenco, Bassett’s, Oreo and Philadelphia. Tescos is the UK’s largest supermarket and is a major customer of Mondelēz UK. GS1 UK has worked with both organizations to improve and certify the efficiency of their supply chain operations. The largest element of the certification program consisted of the physical checks of the products that Mondelēz UK produced and delivered to Tesco. LANSA’s DQ Inspector App was used to ensure data was captured consistently and correctly. Mondelēz UK now experiences quicker turnaround times on deliveries and has fewer items rejected by Tesco. Tesco reduced its labor costs and is getting goods to customers more quickly.

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Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier improves efficiency with LANSA Data Sync Direct

Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., the world famous chocolate maker, has implemented LANSA’s Data Sync Direct as its Product Information Management (PIM) solution and as its solution to synchronize supply chain information with its wholesale customers over the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). GS1 compliance was not the most important driver for Godiva. Data Sync Direct serves as the company’s central repository for product information and consistently feeds accurate and up-to-date data to downstream systems and to third parties. The solution has helped Godiva to streamline its procedures from product development to marketing and sales.

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NTE Electronics

NTE Electronics in control of its destiny with B2C site

NTE Electronics, a prominent supplier of electronic components and accessories, found a perfect balance with its B2C Web site NTEPartsDirect. The site’s sales prices are above recommended retail, but it gives NTE the opportunity to promote its broad line of products and analyze consumer preferences. NTE developed its Web site in 3 months with LANSA Commerce Edition, a framework of customizable eCommerce components. The Web site and NTE’s IBM i-based ERP system are tightly integrated and share all data in real-time.

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Fruberica is using iPads for its quality inspections

Fruberica, based in the Netherlands, imports greenhouse vegetables from Spain and Morocco, such as tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis and peppers. From Fruberica’s distribution center these products are then delivered to customers in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Fruberica's annual growth has been around 10% for several years in a row. To continue to support its strong growth, Fruberica decided to digitalize the flow of information, starting with its paper-based quality inspection reports. Fruberica's quality inspectors are now equipped with custom mobile apps, developed with LongRange, on iPads to carry out their work. The app also includes a facility to link photos to a delivery. The mobile solution has resulted in efficiency gains and more effective communication with customers. The app was delivered by RPO ICT Solutions and integrates with Freshng, an industry specific ERP system from RPO.

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Kellogg's implements GS1 for its Pringles range in 2 weeks

Kellogg’s in Belgium is part of the global Kellogg Company, the original and still the best maker of toasted cornflakes. The worldwide acquisition of Pringles, which was previously owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G), was especially important for Kellogg’s in Belgium, because Pringles’ European production facilities are also located in Belgium. P&G uses a single Global Location Number (GLN) for its entire product range in the 1WorldSync data pool. Kellogg's used LANSA Data Sync Direct to identify and transfer the Pringles product range from P&G to Kellogg’s in the 1WorldSync data pool. The project, under guidance of LANSA Professional Services, took only two weeks and included not only the transfer, but also the publication, processing with the first few retailers and setting up automated workflow procedures for ongoing maintenance of product attributes.

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