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The LANSA product portfolio

LANSA products can be deployed individually to meet specific requirements or woven into an entire infrastructure. Think of each product as a building block that is not only optimized for a specific task but also can be combined with each other to build dynamic and flexible enterprise-wide systems. All our products are built on the same principle, "advanced software made simple."

Integrated Development Environment

Use the LANSA Integrated Development Environment to build Windows rich-client, rich-Internet and IBM i applications. It applies our rapid application development methodology and includes data-driven design, iterative development, frameworks, prototype assembly and code generation. The results are shorter development times, fewer coding errors and reduced project risk.

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Web Application Development

Web applications are accessible from anywhere using any laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device and don't require installation of any software other than a browser. They are ideal when the application audience is large, users operate a wide variety of devices, or when companies prefer not to deploy high-powered computers. Our Web application development tools use the LANSA rapid application development methodology.

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Mobile App Development

Companies need to develop apps for mobile devices in the shortest possible time, and being able to use existing developer skills is an advantage. Mobile apps manage a specific business process and need to be readily adaptable to change. Our mobile development tools allow you to quickly build native or Web mobile apps using LANSA, RPG, or COBOL skills.

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Legacy Application Modernization

Application modernization is a process that transforms legacy applications so they become more agile, flexible and able to cope with new and enhanced technology but, more importantly, are ready to evolve with changing business demands. Our application modernization tools modernize your applications and preserve the investment in your legacy applications.

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Application Integration

Application integration involves designing and building data flows to link an application with other applications within and across corporate boundaries. It is a necessary and complex task when developing software or implementing off-the-shelf applications. Our integration tools simplify integration design and construction by providing the tools needed to receive, extract, transform and send data between applications.

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Data Synchronization and PIM

Product Information Management (PIM) refers to the systems, processes and standards for managing product data. Data synchronization is the aspect of PIM that facilitates the distribution of item data between trading partners and ensures all parties have accurate and up-to-date product information. Our products are certified against 1SYNC and SA2WorldSync data pools for both supply- and demand-side implementations.

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EDI is a document exchange protocol that provides computer-to-computer transmission of business transaction documents and communications options, including EDI Value Added Networks (EDI VANs) and EDI over the Internet (EDIINT). Our EDI solutions also provide data extraction and transformation services that enable end-to-end automation of the document exchange.

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